Our purpose is to deliver products and experiences tuned to women’s needs, closing the gap between perception and reality when
designing for women.

Let’s start designing women in.

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“Without expert female representation throughout the innovation and design process, opportunities will be missed to leverage empathetic understanding and create compelling brands, products and experiences which include women at every stage and close the assumption gap”.

Merle Hall, KD CEO & XXE founder


Our work includes products and services that apply exclusively or applies differently to women as well as products where women are the dominant purchaser or decision maker

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Keep your eyes peeled as this month, we're dedicating our XXEquals social channels to the diverse range of work created by student designers across the UK! Want your work to be included? Get in touch and submit your work to thahera.jalil@kinneirdufort.com! 🙌
Meet Rael: Designed for women by women, these self-care solutions by @get_rael are made with natural, effective ingredients to keep users looking and feeling their best, all cycle long. ​

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Meet Blume: @blume are pioneers in the cycle care arena with their First Period Starter Kit. Not only does the kit include menstrual products but conversation cards to help educate young people on how to talk with a trusted adult on covering topics like puberty and consent.⁠​

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#DidYouKnow there are 1.8 billion girls, women, transgender men, and non-binary persons of reproductive age currently menstruating. 90% of those menstruators are experiencing premenstrual symptoms. These symptoms can include bloating, headaches, and moodiness.
Meet the world’s first sex toys made with ocean-bound plastic. 

The @ohhcean.official collection features silky silicone covered sex toys that give new life to old plastic. ohhcean® came to life after collaborating with #tide, one of the world’s leading players within upcycling and recycling of ocean-bound plastic.

#ProductDesign #SexualHealth #SexualWellness #Sustainability