Our purpose is to deliver products and experiences tuned to women’s needs, closing the gap between perception and reality when
designing for women.

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“Without expert female representation throughout the innovation and design process, opportunities will be missed to leverage empathetic understanding and create compelling brands, products and experiences which include women at every stage and close the assumption gap”.

Merle Hall, KD CEO & XXE founder


Our work includes products and services that apply exclusively or applies differently to women as well as products where women are the dominant purchaser or decision maker

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This month, we're looking at products tuned to women's needs in the intimate health and wellness space. This feminine moisturiser by @lamaria.official helps improve elasticity in your intimate areas and works with your body to restore healthy skin. 

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Introducing @meet_rosy. Rosy is the first platform of its kind that offers women a holistic approach to sexual health and wellness. Designed by doctors and psychologists, it offers support and knowledge for the 43% of women who have sexual problems and questions. The app  offers up evidence-based interventions to improve sexual function and provides the technology to connect you with coaches in real-time.

#rosyapp #rosy #sexualhealth #sexualwellness
In our latest XXEquals podcast, we speak to Lilu Co-Founder and CEO, Adriana Vázquez. Our conversation with Adriana covers everything from what inspired @WearLilu, the struggles of being a founder and a person of colour, and what steps Adriana had to take to fund and grow Lilu. Click the link in our profile to tune in.
This week, we’re looking at the Nipple + Areola Stick, a part of the clean beauty range by Bawdy Beauty. Designed in the shape of a nipple, this product provides necessary relief to those looking to treat or prevent dry, chaffed, sore, or fissured areolae as a result of anything from jogging to breastfeeding. 

#ProductDevelopment #ProductDesign #BreastFeeding #SkinCare #WomenInDesign
It’s #FemtechFriday and today we’re talking about the cult favourite: the Elvie Trainer. A smart kegal trainer designed to strengthen your pelvic floor. 1 in every 3 women experience pelvic floor problems during their lifetime, so the @Elvie Trainer helps you visualise a hidden set of muscles that support everything from core stability to bladder control, postnatal recovery, and intimate wellbeing. 

#PostnatalRecovery #Femtech #Elvie #ElvieTrainer #WomenInDesign #PelvicFloor #PostnatalFitness