Female biology and physiology demands healthcare responses to conditions that are unique to women

Obvious areas of focus include gynaecological and reproductive health, as well as oncology – notably breast and cervical cancer screening, diagnostics and therapy.  However, there are other important areas of healthcare such as heart disease and osteoporosis, which require new, female-focused approaches to address issues that are often as much attitudinal as medical.

For example, a report by the British Heart Foundation found that, despite killing twice as many women as breast cancer, coronary heart disease is largely viewed as a male disease so, as a result, women are less likely to identify symptoms of heart conditions and are slower to be diagnosed and treated than men.

KD has long experience in the development of female-focused drug delivery and therapeutic products. With XX=, we can offer an empathetic approach to unearthing insights and opportunities relevant to women’s health and treatment as well as a woman’s lens on ensuring that products and services truly meet women’s healthcare needs.

Verso Biosense

A spin-out from the University of Southampton, Verso Biosense have developed an intra-uterine sensor to help dramatically increase the success of IVF treatment

The sensor measures oxygen concentration, pH, and temperature within the uterus, sending data wirelessly to be interpreted by fertility specialists.  KD supported Verso Biosense in the development of the battery-free device, miniaturised into the form factor of a conventional intrauterine device (IUD).

The field of women’s health needs better tools to support evidence-based clinical decisions and we at VivoPlex are excited to have developed a technology that can provide valuable insights to doctors.

Joanna Smart, Vivoplex CEO


Maria is a new breast imaging system which uses radio-wave technology requiring no breast compression or ionising radiation exposure to the patient, increasing safety and comfort in Mammography in the future.

KD helped Micrima develop its first product embodiment considering the practical and emotional needs of patients as well as radiographers.

Vision RT

KD worked with Vision RT to develop the Align RT system which is used in combination with radiation therapy to track and adjust for the patient’s position allowing more accurate therapy targeting

The system has particular value in left breast cancer radiotherapy avoiding consequential cardiac complications.