Women are increasingly demanding products and services that address everyday aspects of their wellbeing and lifestyle in ways that are positive and progressive.

Areas such as menstrual care, maternity and motherhood, menopause and sexual health have often been underserved or treated as taboo.  This is changing with innovative new products and services emerging and creating an increasing vibrant femcare and femtech market set to grow to $50 Billion by 2025*.

With strong connections to the femcare startup scene, the XX= team are wired into new female consumer trends and have the creative and technical capabilities to help realise tomorrow’s female-centric wellbeing and lifestyle products.

*Frost & Sullivan

I am so excited to see this new initiative by KD. In an ever-changing world of consumer technology, brands have finally come to realise that the only way to grow and become visible is by becoming more diverse. With the growing femtech and women's health space, diversity in your team is becoming even more relevant.

We at Women of Wearables are very proud to work as partners and supporters of such a forward-thinking company, and I can't wait to see all exciting products and projects that will come out of XXEquals.

Women of Wearables Founder and CEO, Marija Butkovic

As a company that develops female-focused products, diversity in a design team is a key asset that we look for. Diversity at its core redefines the product you are creating to capture a multi-faceted user experience. We struggled to find any design agency that acknowledged this benefit in its hiring practices despite the evident advantages. Meeting the team at KD was a gamechanger.

Current Client, Female Femtech CEO