Female-centred innovation, design and product development.

Our purpose is to deliver products and experiences tuned to women’s needs, closing the gap between perception and reality when
designing for women.

Let’s start designing women in.

Our Team

“Without expert female representation throughout the innovation and design process, opportunities will be missed to leverage empathetic understanding and create compelling brands, products and experiences which include women at every stage and close the assumption gap”.

Merle Hall, KD CEO & XXE founder


Insights, opinions and news from our experts


Our work includes products and services that apply exclusively or applies differently to women as well as products where women are the dominant purchaser or decision maker

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Have you always wanted to offer your time to mentoring? Or would you like to become a mentee and be matched with one of KTG's fantastic mentors? Join us for the launch of the 2022 South West Kerning the Gap scheme this February. Kerning The Gap aims to empower and enable women, and those who identify as women, within the creative and design industries. ✨

Click the link in our profile to book your ticket for our speed-matching session and meet your mentorship match for the year ahead!

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In our latest XXEquals podcast episode, we speak to XXEquals core team member and Senior Insight and Innovation Consultant at KD, Lucy Baldwin. 

Lucy has over a decade’s worth of experience in the design industry with a strong interest in people and their needs.

Our conversation gets under the skin of the Baby Boomer generation, where the term ‘Greynaissance’ came from and how we can be more innovative in this space and cater for this often overlooked and underserved generation. #BabyBoomer #Greynaissance
In our latest XXEquals podcast, we speak to Information Architect, Writer and Community Organiser, Abby Covert. Our conversation explores Abby’s introduction into information architecture, how the craft and theory of diagrams led to the inspiration of her new book 'Stuck', and, Abby also shares the advice that she would give to her 25-year-old self. Click the link in our profile to tune in or find out more.
Meet Kelly: Head of Insight and Innovation at KD and core XXEquals team member. 

Kelly is a strategic thinker, driving innovation by discovering unmet needs with global consumers, as well as defining longer term horizon opportunities.

Why is XX= important?

Empathetic innovation and design is critical, and having people who can draw upon real life experiences is powerful in creating meaningful products and services.

What does the future look like to you?

Staying relevant is one of the greatest challenges for brands and businesses. A we all move to an increasingly digital world, whether that is home, work or health and wellness, we will see service design really come to the fore to create seamlessly connected experiences and propositions.
Meet Claire: Senior Insight and Innovation Consultant at KD and core XXEquals team member. 

Claire is a design research generalist with experience across a spectrum of project types. From product to digital, service and strategy, sectors and stages. She has a passion that exploratory front-end projects where problems are at their most complex and where design research has huge impact.

Why is XX= important?

XX= is a great first step towards better design for women, working to break down those barriers and build the role and voice of women in the industry in general, whilst also providing a stop-gap resource of design consultancy where you can be 100% positive that women’s voices will be heard, and their experiences will be accounted for.

What does the future look like to you?

In the short(er) term, things are looking great – we’ve got loads of great female talent coming through and we’re identifying the biases that are holding them back so we can more easily challenge and break them. We’ll see more women at the table and in turn more products will consider the needs of that 50% of the population.
Never make an important decision without a woman at the table.